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A plot of land was once a field

on a quiet back road in the country.

A place to play and waste the day

with flowers that smelled like honey.

Through the field I roam to an old ragged barn,

and bid the ponies a good morning.

The calf gets a bottle,

the chickens leave there eggs,

while outside it begins storming.

Through the field I go with fresh eggs in tow,

a sprint back home the rain and wind drag on.

Once inside I find myself surprised

the storm was at home all along.

Mother doesn’t look the same,

The things I realized after several years of sobriety.

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Over three years ago I put the bottle down. I didn’t need a drink daily or even often, but I NEEDED a drink (or many) if I was in a group of people. I never did feel that “drunkometer” kick in, it always had to be all or nothing. Blacking out was a common occurrence for me and my anxiety exacerbated any worry I had about what I did while practically unconscious. When I felt I couldn’t live with the chronic debilitating worry anymore I decided to quit for good.


What phrases in a job description can potentially mean

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Being on the hunt for a new job can be challenging and frustrating. You’re expected to perform at the same level at your current job, but you’re looking to invest time into finding something more worthwhile, for whatever the reason may be. Perhaps those red flags are emerging in your current position, or you’re looking for a greater challenge with more responsibility.

Upon reading job description after job description, and then searching job reviews, there is a strong connection between what a company is writing to their potential employees and how their existing employees feel. …

A lesson in responsibility and patience, and reaping the rewards of following through.

We moved into our little two bedroom apartment in 2016, and happily welcomed a rescue pup, Eli, to spend his forever with us. He was highly energetic, and we spent a lot of time working. We put our weekends into taking him on long walks through nature trails, or to the beach, but something was missing.

Eli was pretty simple to take care of. He adapted quickly, he never made a mess, and he felt like the perfect fit for us. …

I’ve always been the person that wanted to do what everyone else was doing, perhaps this was from growing up with two older brothers that I thought were the coolest people on the planet. I always tried to drink just like everyone else did, though it often didn’t pan out quite the way I expected.

I have what I’d consider a “no limit meter” when it comes to drinking. I either feel nothing, or I’m out of my own control and won’t remember a thing. …

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In September of last year, I began seeing a virtual therapist. For the first time in a long time I was starting to get a sense of self again. I had tried counseling numerous times before, but the in-person setting was never something that I could get used to.

Since early high school I have seen counselors. I remember walking into my school’s health center for help during lunch time, I was anxious over the fact that I didn’t have a single friend at lunch or a place to sit. I’d make comments about how it didn’t really matter because…

Brittany Spicer

Slowly becoming a person that I’m proud to have in my life.

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